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Specialists in Removing the Hardest of Coatings

The All Mobile Blaster can remove paint, rust, mill scale, barnacles, concrete (expose aggregate), mortar, powder coatings, rubber from asphalt and concrete and industrial adhesive from a wide range of surfaces such as metals, bricks, concrete, asphalt, fibreglass, glass and more.


At all Mobile Blasting our team of staff are dedicated and experienced and extremely passionate about the work we do so you can be sure we’ll get the job done right every time!
  • Cars & Trailers

    Blast, Primer and Paint

  • Truck Cabs & Trailers

    Blast, Primer and Paint

  • Cars & Truck Parts

    Blast, Primer and Paint

  • General Servicing

    Blast, Primer and Paint

  • Graffiti

    Paint Removal

  • Concrete Preparation


  • Paint Removal

    from Brickwork

  • General Blasting

    Strip back to bare metal leaving a contaminant free paint ready surface

  • Boats

    Blast, Primer and Paint

  • Industrial/Heavy diesel Machinery

    Blast, Primer and Paint

  • Motorbike & Bicycle Frames

    Blast, Primer and Paint

  • Trailers

    Horse Floats, Garden trailer, Car trailers, Flat beds

  • Wooden Furniture


  • Exposed Aggregate


  • Swimming Pool Restoration

    Blast, Primer and Paint

  • Paint Line Removal

    from Asphalt & Concrete (Blast)

We Also Stock Rapidhold Rust Inhibitor.

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